February Is Dental Awareness Month

February is nationally recognized as being Pet Dental Month. Even though a whole month of the year has been dedicated to your pet's teeth, we at Hudson Road Animal Hospital are calling February Dental Awareness Month. Why? Because your pet's teeth should be a priority all year round!

Three out of every four patients we see have dental disease. This startling fact may come as a surprise. Some people find it difficult to look in their pet's mouth at home, nonetheless perform the necessary dental care to prevent dental disease.

Why is dental care important? Dental disease can be painful making it difficult for your pet to chew, some pets even lose weight. Bacterial infections are common and oral infections can spread to other organs, such as the heart. Early treatment and detection can help minimize these problems helping your pet's mouth stay healthy and your pet happy.

So how does dental disease develop? First plaque builds up on your pet's teeth. Afterwards, tartar begins to accumulate on the teeth. Bacteria underneath this tartar start causing an infection, otherwise known as periodontal disease. At this point, at home dental care cannot solve the problem. We perform the same procedure your dentist would perform on your teeth: A Dental Prophylaxis.

A dental prophylaxis includes a thorough oral examination, cleaning the teeth, and polishing. In order to perform this procedure, anesthesia is necessary. Anytime a pet undergoes anesthesia, labwork is required to ensure a smooth and successful anesthetic experience and dental procedure.

And remember, dental care doesn't end in February; dental brushing, dental chews, dental treats, dental diets, and routine physical examinations are vital to protecting your pet's teeth long-term.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding Dental Awareness Month or dental disease at 651-739-0117 or pets@hrahvet.com.

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