November is Pet Diabetes Month

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Many pet owners don’t realize that dogs and cats can get diabetes just as humans, and that its incidence is on the rise. Hudson Road Animal Hospital is working with the American Animal Hospital Association to create more awareness of this disease among pet owners.

What is Diabetes Mellitus? The cells of the body require a sugar known as glucose for food and they depend on the bloodstream to bring glucose to them. The cells cannot, however, absorb and utilize glucose without a hormone known as insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas. Insulin can be considered to be a key that unlocks the door that separates our cells from the sugars in our bloodstream.

Hungry Dog and Cat

In the diabetic animal there isn’t enough insulin

  • The cells cannot receive glucose from the blood because there is no insulin to permit it.
  • The body is unable to detect the glucose in the blood and is fooled into thinking starvation is occurring.
  • Protein, starch, and fat break-down occur, as in starvation.
  • Yet all along there has been plenty of glucose in the blood. In fact, by now there is a large excess of glucose in the blood as all resources have been mobilized. Still, without insulin, this bounty of fuel cannot get to the tissues that need it.
  • The normal kidney is able to prevent glucose loss in urine. In the diabetic animal, there is so much glucose in the blood that the kidney is overwhelmed and glucose spills into the urine and is lost.
  • Glucose is able to draw water with it into the urine. This leads to excess urine production and excess thirst to keep up with the fluid loss in excess urine production.

Main Clinical Signs of Diabetes Mellitus

  • Excessive eating
  • Excessive urination
  • Excessive drinking
  • Weight loss
Diabetes Injection

At Hudson Road Animal Hospital, there are tests that we can do to help determine if your pet is at risk of diabetes. Things to consider for your own pets are: age, behavioral changes, changes in eating habits, weight loss. If you have a cat or dog over the age of 7, testing for diabetes on an annual basis can only benefit you and your pet. For questions, you can contact us regarding diabetic testing.

Our staff would be happy to talk with you further about what specific testing would be appropriate for your pet and provide an estimate.

If you come into Hudson Road Animal Hospital during November and December 2009 for diabetic or senior pet bloodwork, bring this coupon to your appointment for 10% off of your visit!

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