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Pets age must faster than humans do. A year between health check-ups for your pet is like you getting a physical examination every 4-6 years. Older pets require more frequent wellness examinations to help detect changes in their early stages. As your pet ages, their body starts to "wear out" which can lead to organ dysfunction or certain disease processes. Part of your pet becoming a senior citizen means that they will need routine laboratory work. A thorough physical examination cannot always find a disease process without further testing. If you are unsure if your pet has started into his/her senior years, just follow this table below:

Senior Years For Pets

Cats Most Breeds 10 years and older
Small Dogs Less than 20 lbs. 10 years and older
Medium Dogs 21-50 lbs. 8 years and older
Large Dogs 51-90 lbs. 7 years and older
Giant Dogs More than 90 lbs. 5 years and older

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