Our Surgery Room

We provide a wide range of surgical procedures including orthopedic, cosmetic, general and laser surgery. Each of these procedures is performed in a dedicated surgery room. The environment is kept sterile, just like in a human hospital.

Just as your doctor would require presurgical screening for you, your pet needs presurgical screening to determine their health status. This screening is important to your pet's safety by identifying any problems that were not readily apparent after a thorough physical examination. Presurgical screening varies from patient to patient, but may include:

  • Blood Counts to assess blood components
  • Blood Chemistry Profiles to assess organ functions
  • Urinalysis
  • Radiographs
  • EKG

There is always a risk of putting an animal under general anesthesia, but these risks are very low. There have been many recent advances in veterinary surgery including anesthesia, surgical monitoring, and surgical techniques. In fact, veterinary surgery is just like human surgery these days.

Patients are monitored during surgery with an EKG, a pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitors, and respiratory monitors. These monitors are of the same type used in human medicine. Each patient receives anesthesia tailored to their health, as well as pain relief to keep both them and you comfortable.

Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery has become more prevalent in these modern days. There are several advantages to using laser surgery over traditional surgical methods. A few advantages are listed below. When your pet needs surgery, we make sure your pet is receiving the highest standard of care. Laser surgery has become a safe substititue to conventional surgery and it is being used approximately 85% of the time. We highly recommend you consider laser surgery if you pet needs surgery.

The Advantages

There are four main advantages to considering laser surgery. We have chosen an excerpt from Union Medical Veterinary's brochure to illustrate these advantages.

    1. Reduced Pain
  • The laser beam seals nerve endings as is cuts through tissue. Your pet experiences less pain and post-operative trauma when laser technology is used, because nerve endings are not left raw and exposed.
    2. Reduced Bleeding
  • The laser beam seals small blood vessels during surgery, thereby reducing the amount of bleeding your pet experiences. Reduced bleeding means that we can perform surgeries with greater accuracy and precision.
    3. Reduced Swelling
  • The laser beam penetrates your pet's tissue and effectively seals the vessels responsible for post-operative swelling. The laser beam creates a clean, precise incision which drastically reduces post-operative inflammation.
    4. Reduced risk of Infection
  • As the laser penetrates diseased tissues, the high surface temperature effectively eliminates existing microorganisms, resulting in a sterile surgical environment.

The Advantages of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery facilitates quick wound healing and makes it possible for your pet to resume its normal activities much quicker than with conventional surgical methods.

Laser Surgery reduces the amount of pain, bleeding, swelling, bruising, and tearing of tissue, while expediting your pet's recovery time from surgery.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients state-of-the-art medical services. Laser Surgery helps us to achieve those standards." - Union Medical Veterinary brochure.

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