Helpful Links

Reputable Veterinary information can be hard to find on the internet. To give you the most accurate information, we have compiled a list of trusted websites to help answer any questions you still may have. These websites have accurate information and a wide range of topics. If you have a medical question, please call to speak to one of our veterinarians.

Pet Care Information

  • Veterinary Partner - This website is a division of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). They provide invaluable information about common diseases in pets.
  • AAHA's Pet Library - We are accredited members of the American Animal Hospital Association. 
  • AVMA's Website - The American Veterinary Medical Association has information about animal health and resources for you and your pets.
  • Cornell Feline Health Center - Cornell University's website provides cat resources and information about their mission.
  • Feline Instructional Videos- Cornell University's website also contains a collection of online client instructional videos for  feline care.
  • Your Pet and Parasites - The Companion Animal Parasite Council is a non-profit organization of veterinarians and parasitologists dedicated to protecting your family and your pets from parasites and zoonotic disease. This website contains very useful information about the parasites that can be found in your pet.
  • Pet Dental Care - Sponsored by Hills, this website provides invaluable information pertaining to dental care for your pet.
  • Pet Obesity Prevention - Obesity is one of the most common problems we see. This website is dedicated to increasing obesity awareness as well as providing tools to help pets lose weight.

Animal Rescue Links

  • Second Chance Animal Rescue - We receive a great number of rescued animals from Second Chance Animal Rescue. We provide services for the rescued animals such as grooming, spay/neutering, declawing and wellness exams. Their website displays adoption information, a large pet list, information about foster care and information about their cause.
  • St. Francis Animal Rescue - Another one of our rescue organizations with the same goal in mind, providing homes for homeless animals. We provide all the same services to this organization as well. Their website provides a list of adoptable animals, ways that you can help, and information about their cause.
  • Rescued Pets Are Wonderful - This organization is our most recent rescue group. Their website provides a list of adoptable pets as well as information about their organization.
  • - On, you'll find cats and dogs but also pigs, birds, rabbits, reptiles and horses abailable for adoption from the U.S. shelters and rescue groups.
  • House Rabbit Society - The nonprofit House Rabbit Society has online adoption listings.

Reference Laboratories we work with

  • Idexx's Website - Idexx visits our hospital daily to pick up lab samples which are then processed at their central laboratory. Idexx furnishes all of our in-clinic laboratory equipment and tests. Their website explains their products and services along with recent animal health news.
  • Heska's Lab -  Heska's website includes pet health information, product information, and their company information.
  • University of Minnesota's Diagnostic Lab - We partner with the University of Minnesota for radiographic consutation, lab services and patient referrals. Their website explains their lab, explains their services, lists their staff members and offers access to laboratory results.


  • Animal Emergency Clinic - We recommend the Animal Emergency Clinic to all clients for after-hours emergencies. They are an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital dedicated to "providing excellent service to small animals in the Twin Cities metro area during the hours when your family veterinarian may not be available."


  • AAHA's Website - We are a proud member of the American Animal Hospital Association.
  • AVMA's Website - The AVMA offers valuable tools to help keep your pet healthy.

Our Providers

  • Hill's Homepage - Hills provides our well-known Science Diet pet food. Their website features their canine and feline food products along with their company information.
  • Pfizer Animal Health - Many of your pet's vaccinations come from Pfizer Animal Health. They are the creators of the well-known Rimadyl that eases arthritis problems.
  • Novartis Animal Health - They are a reputable distributor of both Interceptor and Sentinal Heartworm Prevention products, as well as several other medications.

Nutritional Pages

  • Hill's Homepage - Hill's deals with pet nutrition because they provide many different types of food for your pet. Their site includes product information, information on nutrition and company information.

Related Pet Information Links

  • National Animal Poison Control Center- This company helps clients and veterinarians after your pet has ingested something deadly. This website explains their service.
  • Plants That Are Toxic to Animals - The Animal Poison Control Center is a division of the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals). This section of their site lists some of the most common poisonous plants as well as other helpful links about potential poisons to pets.
  • AKC Breeds of Dogs - Wondering what breed of dog you have? The AKC is a nationally known association and their website explains all the registered dog breeds and their characteristics. This is an excellent resource for future dog owners.
  • Dog Breed Classification for Pet Owners - This page provides a short description of the common breeds and characteristics that they display.
  • Cat Fancier's Association - This association features all the different breeds of cats that are registered. This is an excellent resoure for the future cat owner.
  • - We hope it doesn't come to this, but if your pet dies, is there to help. Mourners can post the names of their departed pets and take part in Monday evening candle-lighting ceremonies. Message boards and a chat room offer help with dealing with our grief or concern over pet illness, and there are pet loss hotlines to get counseling over the phone. This is a comforting site for animal lovers dealing with death or sickness.
  • Alternative Veterinary Medicine - This website is a public service run by two veterinarians. The site offers alternative health care for pets. Click on an illness, such as arthritis, epilepsy or skin disease for suggested treatment options involving diet, herbs and other althernatives to drugs. But this is not an online how-to manual - the vets don't give specific doses for herbs and will not answer e-mails seeking diagnoses. This website is good for learning about alternative medicine for pets.
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